Tronc lays off our colleagues at the Chicago Tribune

Oct 13, 2017

Yesterday we learned some of our colleagues were laid off from their jobs at the Chicago Tribune. We want to send our sympathies to these hardworking journalists and their families, and we hope they can land on their feet. Like the Los Angeles Times, the Tribune has no newsroom union, and Tronc can unilaterally change their jobs and benefits without any input from staff.

Having a union will not prevent layoffs. But we can collectively negotiate for a safety net: a contract that includes weeks of notice, a requirement for voluntary buyouts to be offered first, and guaranteed severance packages.

Journalists at The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and many news organizations are represented by a union. They have a voice in their wages, benefits and working conditions.

The employees of the Los Angeles Times newsroom want a contract, and we look forward to working with Tronc to improve conditions for our colleagues.

Our mission is simple: to safeguard the future of the Los Angeles Times and its journalists.

Join us.