Letter to newsroom: Introducing ourselves

Oct 24, 2017


It’s time to introduce ourselves.

Last December, a group of Los Angeles Times newsroom employees got together to talk about how to have a greater say in our future. We wanted to stem the flight of talent and halt the steady erosion of pay and benefits.

So we began talking to more of our co-workers.

Those conversations were the start of our union organizing committee. We began this movement with a simple goal in mind: to safeguard the future of the Los Angeles Times and improve newsroom conditions.

That’s why we have approached NewsGuild-CWA, a 25,000-member union of news professionals across the country. The NewsGuild represents newsrooms at the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, Reuters and our sister paper, the Baltimore Sun.

Unionizing gives us a seat at the table for decisions affecting our jobs, pay and benefits.

You may have wondered who has been driving this effort. The answer is your colleagues. Dozens of people across every editorial department have volunteered their time. We have signed up a strong majority of employees and are adding more every day.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your colleagues listed below, or check out LATGuild.com for updates and information.

Join us,

LAT Organizing Committee

Adam Elmahrek
Albert Lee
Alex Wigglesworth
Andrew Khouri
Angela Jamison
Anthony Pesce
Bettina Boxall
Brittny Mejia
Carolina A. Miranda
Christopher Hawthorne
Cindy Chang
Dave Bowman
David Zahniser
Emily Alpert Reyes
Gale Holland
Geoffrey Mohan
Harriet Ryan
Howard Blume
Ivan Penn
James Queally
Jason Clark
Javier Panzar
Jaweed Kaleem
Jay L. Clendenin
Joe Fox
Jon Schleuss
Kevin Ueda
Kristina Bui
Laura Nelson
Maloy Moore
Matt Hamilton
Matt Pearce
Maya Lau
Paul Pringle
Priya Krishnakumar
R. Marina Levario
Ross May
Ruben Vives
Sara Cardine
Sarah Parvini
Soumya Karlamangla
Sue Worrell
Tony Barboza
Tre’vell Anderson