Are you a Los Angeles Times reader? Here's how you can help our journalists


Dear Los Angeles Times readers,

Since the journalists of The Times began negotiating our first-ever union contract more than a year ago, many of you have asked what you can do to support us. Thank you for asking -- and here’s how you can help. 

Today, the L.A. Times Guild is launching a campaign that gives a voice to readers, so you can explain why you care about The Times and support a fair contract for our journalists.

You can participate in a few different ways. 

  • Write a digital postcard, perfect for keeping it short and sweet

  • Send us a letter if you have more to share

  • Leave us a voicemail: (213) 349-1310 (please don’t leave your phone number, as these messages will be published!)

  • Tweet your support to @latguild, and use the hashtag #WeLoveTheLAT

If you have space in your messages, please let our new owner, Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, know that you support a fair contract that ensures job security and a better quality of life for our journalists — and be sure to thank him for investing in the future of The Times.

Your stories will help push our first-ever contract over the finish line. We plan to share some of them on our website and social media accounts, and with the leadership of The Times.

Wrapping up our contract talks quickly means we’ll be able to focus on doing what we love: delivering the news to you. Thank you for your support. 


The journalists of the Los Angeles Times

p.s. And here are some of the messages we’ve received so far — happy reading!